COVID nine zine


Issue III (May 13, 2020) is now available!

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What is COVID nine zine?

COVID nine zine is our response to social distancing. We are an informal offshoot of the lit mag created specifically to provide a forum for the Paideia community to connect through creativity and stories and share our experiences in the time of coronavirus. We take submissions of all kinds from parents, teacher, students—anyone who is inspired to create something during this time and share it (it does not have to be about coronavirus).

This Week’s Featured Prompt:

Create something from a group perspective. Use a plural or collective point of view, such as writing from a “we” perspective in first person, or a “they” perspective in third.

Past Prompts:

Feel free to continue sharing art based on these prompts with us!

Week 6 and 7: Write a tiny Paideia story. Describe a moment, an experience, a memory, or anything about Paideia in 100 words or less.

Week 5: Leave a review of something. It can be a book, movie, the tree in your front yard, universal pass/fail, anything, really, and using review in any sense of the word. Reviews in different mediums are also welcome.

Week 3 and 4: The view outside your window. Describe, discuss, etc. in any medium you wish.

Week 2: Write a letter for a future historian about this time. This can be directly to a historian or simply a letter that they will find. What do you want them to know about this time?

Week 1: The New York Times Modern Love column publishes a collection of Tiny Love Stories on a weekly basis. Here’s the most recent collection.

Write your own tiny love story or coronavirus story (or coronavirus love story) using this format. Share a moment of your life in 100 words or less.

Submission Guidelines:

Click here for the submission form.

There is a maximum of 5 submissions per person, per zine publication.

  • Send pieces in separate Google Docs (titled “Name – Title of Piece”)
  • Format: Size 12, Times New Roman, single-spaced. We will do our best to honor any intentional formatting.

Art and Photography:

  • Send pieces in separate jpeg files (titled “Name – Title of Piece”)


  • Send pieces in separate mp3 or mp4 files (titled “Name – Title of Piece”). A link to something on Youtube will also work. 

Email us with questions, suggestions, or comments here.